Celebrating 50 years


The City of Faifield Garden Club was founded in November 1972 by a handful of garden enthusiasts from the local community who felt that Fairfield should have its own Garden Club. From those early days to now, the Garden Club has always shared in the wealth of friendship, of garden expertise and community spirit. In 1991 we moved into the Commercial Hall, Fairfield Showground.

In June 2005 this hall was destroyed by fire and we were invited to use the Big Shed in the Fairfield City Museum & Gallery.

Our Annual Diary consists of a monthly meeting, each with a Guest Speaker, and a display of Plants, Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables.

A Spring Show is held in conjunction with the Fairfield Annual Show, and is open to all. We receive support for Trophies and Prize Money for the Spring Show from our local Clubs and Community, to whom we are very grateful. We also hold an Annual Spring Garden Competition, which is opened to all residents of the Fairfield District. It is sponsored by the City of Fairfield Council.

During the year we have a local Garden Walkabout, Bus Trips, Street Stalls and other interesting activities.

Points are awarded each month, and at the end of the year, the person with the most points wins the Point Score Shield, has their name engraved on it, and keeps it for one year. We also have a Junior Shield.

Our Club is for all ages, including children.

Membership is welcomed and open to all.


  • *   To improve the gardening knowledge of members by holding displays and competitions.
  • *   To co-operate with other bodies as determined by the executive.
  • *   To encourage and/or combine with civic authorities in street and park beautification schemes, etc.
  • *   To hold social fuctions.
  • *   To do such other things which in the opinion of the club or its executive commitee are for the welfare of its members.
  • *   To operate as a non-profit organisation.
  • *   and to "just enjoy life".

Why should I become a member ...

Local Community Group

Many clubs give back to their communities and some may have an emphasis on certain topics like landscaping or wildlife.
This club is exceptional.

Old Charlie, from down the road

Overall, garden clubs simply offer a space for individuals with common gardening interests to gather and share tips, ideas, and resources for projects.
This is the place for you.


When you join a garden club, each person there is there for one purpose only: to talk about gardening. Most clubs have members that range in age, but when you come together for a common purpose, age doesn't really matter. No matter what your gardening interests are in a garden club, you will have a platform to express your feelings about your plants.
This Garden Club is highly recommended.

Lithgow Gardening Club

If you are already a seasoned gardener, you are sure to find your niche in the City of Fairfield Garden Club. Garden club members will enlist your help hosting events and teaching gardening tutorials in no time.